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May 2017 Colorado Springs Discount - Tucanos Brazilian Grill

We have a special postcard we send out to all of our clients. It is usually a buy one get one entree at a local restaurant but sometimes it’s a great discount at a fun place to play. If you would like to get this postcard to take advantage of these great deals, fill out this form!

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May 2017 Colorado Springs Discount - Tucanos Brazilian Grill

May 2017

 Escape the ordinary™ at Tucanos Brazilian Grill. Their talented servers come to your table wielding sizzling skewers of a variety of savory seasoned and marinated meats, seafood and grilled vegetables until your appetite is satisfied. With this postcard you will enjoy a FREE Churrasco Meal, with the purchase of another and 2 beverages, as a gift from your friends at RE/MAX Properties.

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