Karen Schaefer, Associate

Karen Schaefer is the #1 Best Selling Author of ‘Love Sells: How to get every home buyer to fall in love with your house.’ Karen is the Founder of Simple Appeal© Inc. Home Staging, Marketing, and Design; 16 Countries as well as APSD®, The Association of Property Scene Designers. APSD® is the premier home staging training and certification company in the world, with followers in 16 countries. She is an author and producer of multiple books, CD’s, DVD’s and Certified Training Programs on Home Staging, Business, and Real Estate Marketing. Karen has also delivered thousands of presentations in multiple languages as a Corporate Spokesperson for numerous Fortune 500 companies worldwide. She has been featured in over 190 Major Newspapers, Blogs, TV Channels, and Media; such as HGTV and she is quoted in the Wall Street Journal, The San Francisco Chronicle, RIS Media and many other global publications. In her younger days, she acted professionally in major motion pictures with people like Bruce Willis, Sarah Jessica Parker, and James Woods.

Office Location: 2630 Tenderfoot Hill St, Colorado Springs
Office Phone Number: 719-540-6459

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