If you’re thinking about selling your Colorado Springs home, now is a great time to do it. The market is hot at the moment thanks to low inventory and more buyers looking for properties.

However, even though there is a huge demand for homes in the city right now, Colorado Springs home sellers need to be strategic to avoid pitfalls and get the best prices.

Why the Housing Market is Ripe for Colorado Springs Home Sellers

There are many reasons why the Colorado Springs housing market is on fire right now. The COVID-19 pandemic caused many people to leave larger cities and snap up property in more desirable places like Colorado Springs, which consistently lists as one of the top 10 places to live in the US. 

The pandemic also caused a shortage in…

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Here is the latest update on the Colorado Springs Housing Market.
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Single Family and Patio Homes - Market Snapshot - Monthly Stats SEPTEMBER 2021

The average sale price of single family and patio homes in Colorado Springs in the month of SEPTEMBER 2021 is $498,003.
It is 0.3% below last month's average sale price of $499,278.
It is 15.5% over last year's average sale price of $431,293.

The median sale price for single family and patio homes in Colorado Springs in the month of SEPTEMBER 2021 is $440,000.
It is 2.2% below last month's median sale price of $450,000.
It is 14.3% over last year's median sale price of $385,000.

1,758 single family and patio homes sold in SEPTEMBER 2021.
Sales are…

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Are you considering buying a Colorado Springs property in a neighborhood that has a homeowner association (HOA)? If so, it pays to do some research first, as there can be both pros and cons of living in a community with an HOA.

According to the 2020 Annual Report from the Colorado HOA Information and Resource Center, there are approximately 8,000 HOAs in Colorado. Each HOA has a different agenda, so the organizations vary depending on which neighborhood you choose.

What is a Homeowner’s Association?

An HOA is an organization run by a Board of Directors that implements rules and guidelines for a community. The community can include an entire neighborhood, a subdivision, or single building. The directors manage the organization's finances and…

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