If you own a Colorado Springs vacation home, then you may be one of the many homeowners who decides to close up their vacation home for the off-season. 

Peak season in Colorado Springs is typically the summertime, although quite a few visitors come in the winter as well for the excellent skiing, snowboarding, skating, and holiday festivities.

Spring and fall are generally much slower, so many vacation home owners see a drop in rental income during those seasons.

If you’re not making rental income or utilizing your vacation home yourself, it may make more sense to close your home for a few months until things pick up again. 

These are some steps you can take to ensure that your vacation home stays secure and is in the best possible condition…

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RE/MAX Properties, Inc. is proud to announce its recipients of RE/MAX Awards for March 2022. Join us in celebrating these award-winning agents in Colorado Springs.

The RE/MAX Awards & Recognition Program provides a way to honor these contributors and recognize their positive contributions to the community, their colleagues, and the profession as a whole.

By highlighting the achievements of these individuals, we are not only celebrating them but also inspiring others to aspire to ever greater heights.

Creative & Outstanding Marketing Award

Marketing is one of the hallmark services that agents can offer to create value for their clients. Real estate marketing is also an ever-changing field requiring drive and creativity. Given the…

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Colorado Springs homes are hot commodities right now, but that doesn’t mean your home will fly off the market without you putting any effort in. A few upgrades can go a long way towards putting your house ahead of the competition. The good news is you don’t have to make major renovations to update the look of your home. These are some budget-friendly DIY improvements that can help increase your Colorado Springs home value.

Give Your Walls a Refresher

Dingy walls can make your house look older than it is and create an unappealing atmosphere. Give your walls a once over a check for any scratches, dirt, or discolored paint. If you have outdated wallpaper, consider swapping it out for something more modern or getting rid of it altogether. A fresh coat…

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Flying Horse in Colorado Springs has truly been created as a community the likes of which the area has never seen before. 

If you want to be part of something fast growing and dynamically changing in a neighborhood where every home has front row seats to the beautiful Front Range - then Flying Horse is the place to be.

With incredible exclusive and esteemed amenities widely available to those that live in the area, you’re at an amazing access point in Flying Horse with Downtown Colorado Springs only a 20 minute drive away and then Denver which is only a 50 minute drive away. 

The Acclaimed Club at Flying Horse 

You would think that people wouldn’t travel all the way to a community just because of its country club - but The Club at Flying Horse…

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If you’re looking for all of the beauty of Colorado Springs and to enjoy the breathtaking national parks and sprawling golf courses without the bustle of downtown while still being within a convenient proximity for all amenities - Northwest Colorado Springs is just the place for you.

Discover this beautifully nestled community that’s a big part of Colorado Springs while still maintaining its own charm. 

Appreciate The Great Outdoors

It’s well known that no matter where you’re living in Colorado Springs - you’re never going to be short of incredible outdoor activities to pursue a continued passion of or gain a new hobby you would’ve previously never imagined starting. 

While the residential community in Northwest Colorado Springs stands to be…

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Here is the latest update on the Colorado Springs Housing Market.
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Single Family and Patio Homes - Market Snapshot - Monthly Stats February 2022

The average sale price of single-family and patio homes in Colorado Springs in the month of February 2022 is $514,757.
It is 4.0% over last month's average sale price.
It is 13.2% over last year's average sale price.

The median sale price for single-family and patio homes in Colorado Springs in the month of February 2022 is $465,000.
It is 4.5% over last month's median sale price.
It is 15.4% over last year's median sale price.

1,015 single-family and patio homes sold in February 2022.
Sales are 4.1% below last month's sales.
Sales are 3.5% above last year's sales.

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So you want to know how to make your Colorado Springs home more eco-friendly, there’s no better time than the present. 

As the years have gone by, a more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle has begun to take more and more of a priority in people’s lives. 

With Colorado Springs sitting at being one of the fastest-growing cities in the U.S. because of both high quality of life and being the epitome of a nature lover’s paradise - keeping green friendly techniques in mind is essential for the future. 

Here are just a few of the many ways one can work to make their Colorado Springs home more eco-friendly in small and big ways.

Solar Energy

As the weather in Colorado Springs can truly be beautiful, it can be just as extreme - but that doesn’t…

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On the western slopes of stunning Pikes Peak in the nature lover’s haven of Colorado you’ll find the group of communities that make up Teller County.

You can truly enjoy all that countryside living has to offer with the serene picturesque communities when considering Teller County real estate.

The Lay of the Land 

Explore the wonderful communities of Victor, Crystola, Divide, Florissant, Cripple Creek, and Woodland Park in idyllic Teller County with gorgeous real estate.

Imagine the beauty of waking up in your cozy cottage or ranch style home encompassed by lush fields of greenery and unbelievable acreages of land. 

Many of these ruralscape dream homes even offer access to fenced pastures on your lot with open training pens, the potential…

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