While you can find your dream home during any season, there’s something to be said about purchasing your perfect property come winter.

We often overlook real estate during colder seasons because of its popularity in spring & summer months.

However, in doing so we’re missing out on some unique opportunities!

By exploring the pros and cons of buying a home in the winter, it’ll help you better decide if this is the right choice for you.

Pros Of Buying A Colorado Springs Home In The Winter

Let’s explore some of the benefits of buying a home during winter.

Benefit From Motivated Sellers

As most realtors suggest waiting until the spring to sell your home, when you find something on the market in winter months, it's often the result of a very motivated seller. With fewer homes on the market, combined with less buyers, you benefit from easier negotiations due to the lack of competition – you have more leverage with your offer if it’s the only one!

Take Advantage Of Winter Deals

Sometimes, people will list their home for sale during the winter because they weren’t successful at selling their home the previous year.

As such, they may be more inclined to lower their listing price in the hopes of having more success with a sale.

You can look forward to some affordable prices when you explore winter real estate!

Enjoy Less Competition

As there aren’t as many buyers looking for homes during the winter, you don’t have to worry about the fast paced market you’d face during the summer.

Instead, you can look forward to a less rushed experience, leaving you with more time to make the absolute best decision.

The Options For More Attention

When you participate in winter real estate, as it’s less intense than the summer market, your real estate agent has more time to dedicate to you and finding your perfect home.

Additionally, as the winter season tends to be slower, it leaves you with easier access to important professionals that can assist you on your real estate journey, such as bankers, inspectors, notaries, and even contractors, for example.

A less busy schedule means more time to dedicate to you!

Cons Of Buying A Colorado Springs Home In The Winter

Now let’s explore some of the cons of buying a home during winter.

Faced With Less Selection

As mentioned above, while you can enjoy fewer competitors during the winter, you’re also faced with less selection. Just as there are fewer people looking for homes during the winter, it’s the same for those that are selling.

Limits To Your Inspections

A heavy snowfall prior to a home inspection can hinder the inspector's ability to properly view the home's exterior. For example, the roof may be covered in snow, which prevents the inspectors ability to analyze the roof's condition.

Might Not Get The Full Picture

Just as snow can prevent an inspector from getting the full picture of a home, it can also prevent you from being able to paint the full picture of your property.

While you might be able to see there is a path leading to what could be a garden, the snow covering the landscaping can leave you playing a guessing game.

Consider Your Children's School Term

One particular downside to purchasing a home during the winter is that if the closing goes quickly, you might be faced with moving your children to a new schooling system mid-year.

Fortunately, Colorado Springs offers a wonderful selection of education in many charming areas. Overall, there’s no reason for you to avoid the winter housing market!

While there are some downsides to cool weather real estate, the positives help to offset them.

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