If you own a Colorado Springs vacation home, then you may be one of the many homeowners who decides to close up their vacation home for the off-season. 

Peak season in Colorado Springs is typically the summertime, although quite a few visitors come in the winter as well for the excellent skiing, snowboarding, skating, and holiday festivities.

Spring and fall are generally much slower, so many vacation home owners see a drop in rental income during those seasons.

If you’re not making rental income or utilizing your vacation home yourself, it may make more sense to close your home for a few months until things pick up again. 

These are some steps you can take to ensure that your vacation home stays secure and is in the best possible condition when you decide to open it back up to guests again.

Do a Thorough Deep Clean

While you probably clean your vacation rental every time guests leave, it can be easy to overlook certain areas when you’re busy preparing for new renters to arrive. Now is a great time to get into corners and under the appliances, and attend to trickier spots like air ducts and gutters. You’ll also want to remove all food in the house to avoid attracting pests.

Use the Slow Season to Make Upgrades or Repairs 

Downtime is not necessarily a bad thing, as it gives you the chance to do projects around the house that you might not have had the time to do when you were renting it out. Take advantage of this time to attend to repairs or upgrade any areas of the home that could use some modernizing.

Turn Off Utilities and Unplug Appliances

There’s no point to keeping everything in your home running if no one is going to be there. Shutting off your water can prevent the pipes from freezing and bursting if there’s a sudden cold snap or from leaking and costing you money. Likewise, your appliances will use up electricity if you leave them plugged in, so it’s better to unplug them.

Air Out Closed Spaces

Areas that are closed off most of the time such as closets, drawers, and cupboards can get stuffy if no one is around to open them up on a regular basis. You may want to remove any items that are inside and place them out in the open or simply open the doors or drawers to let air flow in. 

Consider a Property Management Company

A property management company can check up on your vacation rental and make sure that it’s safe, secure, and there are no obvious problems while you’re waiting for peak season to . They may even be able to get renters in for you during the slow season so that you don’t have to close up your house after all. 

Invest in Technology for the Home

There are many devices that can protect your home while you’re not there, and they’re worth investing in if you plan on leaving your house empty for some time. Security lights and cameras can deter potential thieves, while SmartHome technology allows you to monitor everything from the temperature in your home to the lights and video feeds.

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