Colorado Springs is known to be a truly beautiful city boasting a high quality of life - and not just for the obviously breathtaking Red Mountain or Garden of the Gods. 

With Colorado Springs comes a well-rounded, happy, and healthy city with mild weather, affordable housing, and a tight-knit community leading to an overall great quality of life. 

Now whether you live in Colorado Springs or are just looking for a beautiful spot to visit with endless things to do, this is truly a prime location.

While it may be a sight to see and experience year-round, there is truly something magical about the way Colorado Springs blossoms with liveliness and things to do in the Springtime.

We’ll be taking a look at just a few of the many things you can do in the soon-to-be Springtime as the snow melts away and opens up to beautiful parks, hiking trails, and warm and sunny months ahead. 

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

Unlike any other zoo in the country - Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is nestled beautifully into the mountainside with a full panoramic view of the stunning city of Colorado Springs from the south.

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is just perfect to visit in the Springtime when the sun is shining and it’s warm enough to take the kids on a long walk around the entire zoo in great weather. 

Feeding one of the largest herds of reticulated giraffes in North America, exploring in awe at one of the last ever Amur Leopards in the world and getting close to Australian Parakeets, lions, tigers and bears all make for an unforgettable experience. 

Garden of the Gods 

Probably the most obvious of all of the Colorado Springs things to do in the Springtime which will truly be a once in a lifetime experience (unless you live in the area, then you can experience this beauty as much as you want). 

Garden of the Gods is, without question, one of the top rated parks in the world. 

This incredible natural wonder and free to visit landmark is a one of a kind amazement brimming with the jagged red-rock formations which contrast beautifully with the lush plains to the east and the snow-capped mountains to the west.

It’s difficult to try and explain the beauty of the Garden of the Gods in words as it must absolutely be appreciated in person with the Springtime allowing for an easier trek to experience the beauty of it all. 

Soar Above the Royal Gorge 

As if all of the wonderment of the surrounding scenery in Colorado Springs wasn’t enough - the Royal Gorge is a canyon on the Arkansas River - often called the “Grand Canyon of the Arkansas”. 

With a stunning depth of 1,200 feet, you can strap in nice and tight and soar across the Royal Gorge on the country’s highest zipline. Hold on nice and tight as you take in 360-degree views of the Arkansas River, 1000 plus feet below you. 

You’ll want to look down to fully experience all that the unbelievable gorge has to offer. 

Royal Gorge Route Railroad 

Imagine an incredible experience with a deep history rooted back to the start of Canada itself in 1879 - the Royal Gorge Route Railroad is Colorado’s oldest and most famous streamliner. 

Royal Gorge Route Railroad is Colorado’s first and only full-service railroad dining experience. 

With beautifully restored mid-century interiors, you can enjoy the gorgeous scenery, delicious cuisine, and open wine bar with products sourced locally and prepared right on board the train for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

There are countless other adventures to explore in Colorado Springs in the Spring like taking on award-winning rapids of the Arkansas River whitewater rafting from heart-pumping mild to advanced adventures. 

Or even standing atop all of the glory that Pikes Peak - also known as America’s Mountain - brings upon with the summit towering 14,115 feet above ground that you can either drive, hike, or bike your way up to. 

With all of these incredible experiences and plenty of others that can be happily done year-round, one thing is clear. Colorado Springs is undoubtedly the place to be.

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