Getting financing is often the first and most important step in purchasing your dream home. And, as the Colorado Springs real estate market remains as desirable as ever, getting pre-approved for a home loan is now an indispensable advantage for remaining competitive as a home buyer.

That’s why, as the options for home loans grow ever more complex and varied, it’s important that you have some assistance in your corner to get the best financing available.

With that said, we here at Re/Max Properties are proud to introduce our new financing division: IntroLend™ Front Range, which is a new chapter from IntroLend™ - a digital loan application service - serving the Colorado Springs area.

Introducing IntroLend™ Front Range

What is IntroLend™? Well, basically it’s an app that, through one single application, connects you with up to three loan providers in your area, allowing you to choose the best deal possible.

With IntroLend, the process of finding and securing financing for your home becomes:

  • Fast
  • Intuitive
  • Simple
  • Competitive

Now loan providers aren’t marketing or selling TO you, they are competing with each other FOR you.

And perhaps the best thing about IntroLend™ Front Range is that we set you up with a dedicated finance manager and advisor to oversee the entire process. We make this process work for you regardless of whether you are in Colorado Springs or even out-of-state, and you can work it all through your home desktop or a convenient and easy-to-use mobile phone app.

From application to approval, to closing - IntroLend™ makes the process fast and simple.

How to Compare Home Loans

Once you’ve used IntroLend™ you can easily compare and choose between competing home financing options from vetted lenders. You can compare loans and financing plans along with the following criteria:

  • Rates - The interest rate you pay on a loan can vary depending on your credit score, debt to income ratio, and a number of other factors. Paying a lower interest rate could be balanced out by paying a higher up-front down payment. Of course, the rate will dictate how much you have to pay per month.
  • Terms - The term of a loan refers to the amount of time allocated to pay off the loan.
  • Closing Costs - There are many closing costs associated with buying a home, some of which can come as a surprise to would-be buyers. These costs are usually paid to professionals who rendered a service in the securing of the loan, the home, and so on.
  • Down Payment - This is how much you have to pay up-front. As mentioned, a higher down payment is often associated with lower monthly payments and vice versa.

So when considering a home loan and home loan provider, you should always be cognizant of how much you can afford to put down, how much you can pay per month (maintaining a healthy debt-to-income ratio), and if you have enough in reserve to comfortably cover closing costs.

Ready to get started? Contact Bert Reid, Executive Finance Manager at  719-350-5775, or Linnea Clayton, Senior Finance Manager at 719-350-4411 to take the next step towards buying your first or next home.

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