Glen Eyrie Castle

Things to do around Colorado Springs - High Tea at Glen Eyrie Castle

The perfect way to enjoy an afternoon of enchantment and history!  Served in the Castle Music Room.
Glen Eyrie is an English Tudor-style castle built by General William Jackson Palmer, the founder of Colorado Springs. There are 17 guest rooms in the castle, as well as 4 meeting rooms, 2 dining rooms and 24 fireplaces. The castle was advanced for its time, featuring a primitive intercom system, and a chimney system that would hold the smoke until the wind was blowing in the right direction to take the smoke out of the valley. Glen Eyrie is on the National Register of Historic Places.


The castle is now owned by The Navigators. The general public is allowed on its grounds Monday through Thursday (9-4) to visit its bookstore, located at the Carriage House. Tours of Glen Eyrie Castle are available to the public and require an advance reservation.

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