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Your search for Real Estate Careers is over! The RE/MAX Properties, Inc. Agent Training Program offers newly licensed real estate agents comprehensive instruction and mentorship from a select group of Colorado Springs leading real estate professionals. This training program is also designed for agents who have been in the real estate business for a short while but haven't had the tools, support, or instruction to gain traction to achieve great success.

Introducing the RE/MAX Properties, Inc. Agent Mastery Program

RE/MAX Properties, Inc. is proud to announce our re-envisioned Agent Mastery Program (AMPed), a stepping-stone for newly licensed agents to engage in state-of-the-art training and mentorship at the #1 real estate company in Colorado Springs. The RE/MAX Properties, Inc. AMPed Program brings hands-on instruction, led by a diverse group of successful agents referred to as PODS Mentors (Peers Offering Development and Support), to new agents introducing them to the tools and training necessary to build a successful real estate career. Newly licensed agents are guided and mentored via a comprehensive 18-track class module through collaboration with our PODS mentors, Broker Owners, and management team.

Why AMPed?

The AMPed program consists of case-study workshops, one-on-one contract support, interactive instruction, and classroom courses all carefully crafted to teach new agents the myriad of tools and skills they need to excel in this business. In addition to the mentor-led curriculum, our new agent training program incorporates the 20-week nationally recognized Verl Workman Success Systems course, taught by our own in-house certified trainer. The Verl Workman Success System, which is widely adopted by experienced Real Estate agents, provides content development strategies that help agents stay on top of market trends with cutting-edge tools and training designed to help them work smarter, not harder. Our goal at RE/MAX Properties, Inc. is to offer new agents a dynamic learning environment where they are exposed to the industry's best practices by the industry's local leaders!

The RE/MAX Properties, Inc. AMPED PROGRAM brings hands-on instruction, led by a diverse group of successful agents referred to PODS, or PEERS OFFERING DEVELOPMENT AND SUPPORT, to new agents introducing them to the tools and training necessary to build a successful real estate career.

What you will learn

Learning how to be successful in Real Estate starts with a strong foundation and understanding of Real Estate business fundamentals. From learning how to network and build your sphere to leveraging today's Real Estate business tools that help streamline your business. We will cover it all so that you become an expert in marketing property and yourself. When you join our team, you will receive support, coaching, and systems from some of the highest producers in the city as well as our dedicated staff. Our systems are proven to lead to success in the real estate industry.

The RE/MAX Properties, Inc. AMPed Program is where good agents come to be GREAT!

RE/MAX Properties, Inc. has spent more than 3 decades trying to figure out the best possible systems, tools, support staff, education to help real estate professionals achieve goals they never thought were possible. Success is in RE/MAX Properties, Inc.'s DNA with the original competitive innovation brought to the original RE/MAX back in the 1980s. Yes, that was us, standing there with Dave Liniger trying to decide where to move from Peoria, IL. When we pulled the trigger on Colorado Springs we knew we were headed to an incredibly unique location with so much to offer. From then on, we have been helping agents reach their maximum potential through our dedication to a dynamic, professional, and successful culture that allows you to be your best self.

Why RE/MAX Properties, Inc.?

RE/MAX Properties, Inc. was started in 1986 when Joe Clement moved his family from Peoria, IL to Colorado Springs. Joe started what soon became the top brokerage in town. RE/MAX Properties, Inc. became known as the brokerage that is best at enabling their agents to be at the top of their game. From the education to the cutting edge technology tools RE/MAX Properties, Inc. has been fostering some of the most successful real estate careers in all of Colorado Springs. From newly licensed up-and-comers to experienced agents who want to take their business to the next level, RE/MAX Properties, Inc. has been grooming agents on both sides of the spectrum, and everything in between, since 1986.

There is a thing they say around RE/MAX Properties, Inc. and it is called "dollar for dollar activities." What can you do as an individual or a team to enable the absolute highest possible dollar-for-dollar activity? Whether you know the answer to this question or not, RE/MAX Properties, Inc. is dedicated to helping agents answer this question as it is our goal to make new agents good, good agents great, and great agents even better. With the right entrepreneurial mindset, the sky's the limit, it is just a matter of making that commitment and sticking to it. RE/MAX Properties, Inc. is here to show you the way.

Colorado Springs has so many incredible things to do and places to go. By joining RE/MAX Properties, Inc. you are not only signing up for the most cutting-edge education, tools, and service in town but you are also investing in your own digital footprint. With the recent purchase of Booj now RE/MAX Properties, Inc. agents have exclusive access to one of the top real estate technology tools available on the market.

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