Agent Mastery Program - Agent Training

Agent Mastery Program (AMPED)

Elite Real Estate Agent Training in Colorado Springs

The Agent Mastery Program, or AMP for short, from RE/MAX Properties, Inc. is a training program like no other. Meant for newly licensed and novice agents, the program is designed to help give those new to the real estate business a leg up.  The Agent Mastery Program was created to connect a specially selected group of local real estate professionals to agents in need of the tools, support, and instruction they need to succeed.

The Agent Mastery Program provides invaluable hands-on instruction and mentorship from a diverse group of agents, referred to as PODS, or Peers Offering Development and Support. These mentor agents are real working professionals active in the industry today. They guide newly licensed agents through comprehensive class modules aimed at helping them to develop the skills they need to have a successful real estate career.


Who is AMPED for?

The Experienced Agent Looking to Get An Edge

The Colorado Springs real estate market is a competitive one. The most experienced agents in the market are constantly on the lookout for another way to gain an edge on the competition. The most successful real estate agents in Colorado will agree that there's always something to learn. Continual improvement and education are the key to continued success and growth.

Just Licensed & Ready To Rock

Recently licensed and not sure where to turn first? The Agent Mastery Program is ideal for those just getting started. Learn from some of Colorado's most experienced and knowledgeable agents. This is the main benefit of AMP: gain an edge over other new agents by standing on the shoulders of local greats!

Getting Ready to Start Your Real Estate Journey

For those eager to get their real estate journey underway, AMP provides a clear road map to getting fully licensed in the state of Colorado. Broker/Owners Tony and Joe Clement have been helping experienced and new agents jump start their real estate careers for 35+ years in Colorado Springs. Why not join the top brokerage in town and learn how to become the best REALTOR®, and entrepreneur possible?

What Does AMPED Offer?

The RE/MAX Properties Inc. Agent Mastery Program Offers:

  • One-on-one mentorship with Peers Offering Development & Support (PODS)
  • Case-study contract workshops
  • Lead generation classes
  • Business planning
  • Contract oversight
  • Bi-monthly Accountability meetings
  • Industry field trips
  • Open house demonstrations
  • Daily habits for success
  • Listing process
  • Access to all of the RE/MAX Properties, Inc & RE/MAX LLC. systems
  • Exclusive, FREE client relationship manager (MAXTech Powered by kvCORE)

AMPED Program Schedule

Our education calendar always has some fascinating classes and webinars scheduled. Here's a sample of what's regularly offered:

  • Rental Leads & How to Convert Them
  • Stats To Know And When to Share
  • Business Planning 101
  • Mortgage Training
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Open Houses the Right Way
  • Wowing Your Clients
  • ...and So Much More Each & Every Month!