School Districts To Consider

Colorado Springs is an excellent city for schools. In all, Colorado Springs has around 180 schools and 15 school districts within its extended area, and many of these rank highly in educational attainment lists for, not just Colorado, but the country as a whole.

Some of the school districts in the immediate Colorado Springs area are: 

Colorado School Bus

  • Fountain District 8
  • Cheyenne Mountain District 12

  • Widefield District 3

  • Harrison District 2

  • Colorado Springs District 11

  • Academy District 20

  • Falcon District 49

There are also districts centered around outlying communities like Peyont, Manitou Springs, and Ellicott.

As mentioned, Colorado Springs is home to a high concentration of top-ranked schools,  like The Vanguard School, Classical Academy High School, Cheyenne Mountain Elementary, and Cheyenne Mountain High School. 

There are also a number of post-secondary colleges and universities, such as Colorado College
University of Colorado Colorado Springs, US Air Force Academy, Pikes Peak Community College, Colorado Technical University, and Colorado State University Pueblo.

Here's a list of the School Districts in and around Colorado Springs:

Buying a Home Based on School District

Why are school districts so important for real estate?

Buying a home is more than just purchasing a physical property, like a condo or a house. You’re also, in a sense, buying what the area around that property has to offer. Put differently, the value of a home is partially dependent on the reasons why someone would want to live in the community that it’s a part of. This includes things like:

  • Nearby amenities and employment opportunities

  • Parks

  • Walkability

  • Safety

  • The quality of surrounding homes

And of course, schools fall into this picture as well. 

If you have kids (or plan on having kids) then your kids will need to go to school, so living in an area with good schools is preferable to one without (all else being equal). This is how schools can not only add to the quality of life that comes with a certain property, but also add to the value of the property itself. So, even if you don’t have kids (and never will) it can still be important to take into account the quality of surrounding schools, since this will have a big impact on resale value. 

Paying attention to school districts rather than specific schools is a good way to assess the overall quality of schools in an area. This is because the district administers all the schools within a certain area, and so is a big determinant of their general quality and effectiveness. Any area could have a specific outlier school head-and-shoulders above the rest, but a student won’t stay there forever, pretty soon they’ll graduate out and you probably don’t want them to either experience a large step-down in quality, or have to commute a long distance to get them to a roughly equivalent school.

So, when buying a property anywhere, pay attention to the local school districts, what they have to offer, their reputation, and the types of schools they administer, as this will indicate a lot about what your kids will get out of your new home and provide a potential boost to the resale value of your new investment.

If you'd like to learn more about homes in school districts across Greater Colorado Springs, contact RE/MAX Properties Inc. today!